Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, I've studied architectural, industrial and furniture design. I'm currently acting as an advocate for students with language learning difficulties, particularly dyslexia.

Having studied and lived in Denmark, I stay involved with the danish community.

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Douglas Fir Display Cabinets

I designed & built these cabinets for clients who have an extensive art collection. They wanted to showcase some of their sculpture and pottery, hide a television behind doors, store books and misc. items in drawers and on shelves in their new residence. The cabinets were built out of clear vertical grain douglas fir with a clear finish.

P1000674 P1000676

Cherry Sideboard

I designed & built this sideboard to help organize a dining & living area in a client’s home. It features drawers, 2 doors with adjustable shelving behind them, open adjustable shelving in the middle, and a pull-out desk surface below the middle drawer. It was built out of solid cherry wood and cherry plywood recessed panels with a clear finish.

WA Legislators Threaten To Flunk 3rd Graders

WA State Senate Bill #5237 mandates that children who do not test at state standards at the end of the third grade may be forced to repeat the year. This archaic and irresponsible piece of legislation threatens to add to the dropout rate, help create a lost generation of kids, and punish students instead of those in charge of making educational policy and are failing to educate our kids; especially the 20% of our students who are having a hard time learning to read due to dyslexia and related difficulties.



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